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Healthcare without
the hassle

Don’t fight the battle alone. Let our Independent RN Patient Advocates assist you in resolving your healthcare concerns.

Most people quickly learn how difficult it is to navigate the healthcare system.  This is especially true without guidance from someone who understands exactly how the system works.  We exist so patients and caregivers can make informed decisions with confidence and less stress.

We believe medical errors and legal action can be prevented when a certified Independent RN Patient Advocate participates in the healthcare process.

Receive the best care possible

We clear up confusion and make complicated information easy to understand. This includes knowing patient rights, qualifying healthcare benefits, available resources, and medical options to obtain the highest level of healthcare.


Dealing with appointments, procedures, prescriptions, hospitalization, and medical jargon can be overwhelming. Experience peace of mind knowing a certified
Independent RN Patient Advocate is asking the right questions, sorting out the facts,
and navigating a clear path to a sound medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Know someone genuinely cares

Independent RN Patient Advocates operate autonomously. We are not connected with hospitals or insurance companies. We work exclusively in your best interest. Patients and caregivers trust us to facilitate the complex process of receiving healthcare. We serve as an interpreter to make sense of it all.

Getting Started with

Independent RN Patient Advocates

1. Schedule your free 30-minutes consultation by calling 602-369-8444.

2. Discuss your concerns.

3. Let Independent RN Patient Advocates assess your situation and develop a plan of action.