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Our Story

There are 12 million misdiagnoses annually at a cost of $750 billion.* For over 27 years, I’ve been reviewing medical records of patients who have suffered from medical malpractice to include; misdiagnosis, medication errors and medical device failure.

As a Registered Nurse and medical legal consultant, I’ve seen thousands of adverse medical cases. Many could have been avoided.

When I needed to step in to advocate for my father, mother, and brother-in-law, I was well prepared to assist them due to the many years of working on legal cases as a Registered Nurse. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many patients and caregivers exasperated trying to navigate the healthcare system alone. I’ve witnessed too many patients receiving potentially deadly treatment without medically trained advocates to intervene on their behalf.

Out of this lifetime of professional and personal experiences, Independent RN Patient Advocates was born.

Rosie Oldham, BS, RN, LNCC, BCPA, iRNPA
President/CEO, Independent RN Patient Advocates LLC

* Source: Academy of Medicine, 2015
Rosie Oldham

Rosie Oldham

Rosie Oldham has been a registered nurse since 1981 and is credentialed as a Legal Nurse Consultant, Certified (LNCC) by the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCCB). As a Legal Nurse Consultant in practice for over 27 years, it became clear to Ms. Oldham that by utilizing her litigation background she could make a difference by preventing some of the medical malpractice cases she reviewed over the years.

Since early 2016, Ms. Oldham has provided consulting to patients and their families as an Independent RN Patient Advocate. Upon completion of the University of Arizona College of Nursing Learning Intensive course for Independent RN Patient Advocates in November of 2018, Ms. Oldham obtained the Board Certification for Patient Advocates (BCPA). Working as an Independent RN Patient Advocate, completing the U of A Learning Intensive and passing the credentialing process has been the highlight of a career devoted to helping clients safely navigate the healthcare system.

Ms. Oldham has experience in many different specialty areas of nursing in addition to founding R&G Medical Legal Solutions, LLC in 1992. She is a contributing author to many medical legal articles and textbooks. She has presented nationally to nursing associations, physician groups, and attorney organizations.

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